Miguel Tannous

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Miguel Tannous

Website: http://www.reponic.org

Bio: I’m a Software Developer with experience in 3D Design and Game Development and I have a short story to share. Ever since I was young I’ve always loved music, but I wasn’t content to just listen to it - I wanted to make music, so I started playing the drums and quickly fell in love with the creative process. Shortly after that I became an avid gamer, only to again realize I didn’t just want to play video games - I wanted to develop them. Next came my passion for software development. Once more I desired to be the creator as opposed to the end user of a product or software. The point I’m trying to make is this: whether I’m playing music or writing code, I always get the same deep sense of self-satisfaction, that pushes me to think outside the box and create new worlds for people everywhere to explore. This is what pushed me to make the best of all my software projects without being afraid of unknown languages or even built my own microcontrollers.

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