Dwight Goins


Dwight Goins

Website: http://neddtech.com/

Blog: http://dgoins.wordpress.com

Bio: Dwight Goins is a Solution Architect for South East Toyota Finances (SETF) by day where he designs cloud-based financial solutions. In his nightlife, he is the Chief Algorithm Officer (CAO) of THOTH Speed Engineers where leads a team of developers creating computer vision based medical simulations, augmented reality-based call center apps, and all things IoT and AI related. He is forced to work on Raspberry Pi, Arduinos and Linux systems. If that isn’t enough he tirelessly contributes to open source projects, as well as a maintains an updated InfoSec Certified Ethical Hacker Instructor license with InfoSec Institute. He maintains an active MVP honor as well as a MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) license and holds the MCPD, MCSD, Windows 10 Developer, Azure and AWS certifications, as well as a Certified Data Recovery Professional (CRDP) license. In his spare time, he finds a way to take care of his 3 beloved daughters, wife, and extended family by constantly keeping them entertained through traveling, family fun and ancient African ceremonies. To Talk to Dwight the Solution Architect at JM Family (SETF) you can reach him at Dwight.Goins@jmfamily.com. To talk with Dwight the CAO you can reach him at dngoins@thothspeedengineers.com To talk with Dwight the Mystic African Provider you can contact dngoins@hotmail.com You can also read about his first-person experiences at http://dgoins.wordpress.com Specialties: C++, DirectX, AI, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality (AR), Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), HoloLens, Magic Leap, Containers (Docker, Rkt), Kubernetes (K8s)

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