Luis Pujols


Luis Pujols



Bio: Luis is a Software Engineer, with a passion for Mobile Development and Software Architecture. Currently, he is a Certified Xamarin Mobile Developer that works at an awesome company called CrossGeeks developing cross platform mobile applications. He spent most of his childhood in the Dominican Republic where he completed his Software Engineering studies and feel in love with collaborating with tech communities that surrounded him, he got the opportunity to be Events Coordinator from 2016-2018 for the Tech Careers in his University and became really passionate about sharing knowledge and enabling himself and others to improve in our field as a community, by organizing and attending talks, workshops, coding sessions, or just by simply creating Open Source projects or sharing blog posts about a topic that might be of use to others. Currently he's Co-Organizer of the .NET Community in the Dominican Republic, and the Xamarin Forms Developers user group on Facebook.

    Approved Sessions

  1. Xamarin Forms - Consuming RESTful API's with Refit

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