Title: Thinking fast and slow with Lambda Architecture

Santosh Hari

Target Audience: Some prior knowledge needed

Time: 2:00PM - 2:50PM

Track: Data and Analytics

Room: 3205

Many big data architectures support either batch-oriented or real-time queries... but this limits the types of insights you can derive from your data. Lambda architectures support both types of queries... at the same time. A lambda architecture enables both real-time and batch-oriented queries against the same logical data stream. It's a simple but powerful concept that allows consumers to observe frequent changes in the data stream, and also mine for deep insights across a wide range of time. This talk will explain the core elements behind lambda architectures, walk through some sample use cases, and demonstrate the use of Microsoft Azure services like Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, serverless Functions, Cosmos DB, Data Lake, and more to create fast, highly scalable data processing pipelines.