Title: Data Quality Requires Constraints

Andy Warren

Target Audience: All skill levels

Time: 1:00PM - 1:50PM

Track: Data and Analytics

Room: 3205

Database design (or perhaps more accurately table design) tends to focus on the data types and how it will relate to other tables. From there we tend to take for granted that other developers will populate fields correctly and completely - but do they? Even if rules are in place to guarantee data quality in the UI, what about bulk loads or data maintenance that might not follow all the implied but unspecified rules? Constraints can't handle every scenario, but they should cover most and they are relatively easy to apply. This session will cover some common problems that happen if you don't lock down data quality with constraints and then run through the options you have in SQL Server (and most other relational databases) for enforcing data quality. Hopefully you'll take these ideas back to the office and do a review of your tables to see where you can do more to guarantee data quality.