Title: Improve distributed system and web app performance by using in-memory cache system

oscar garcia

Target Audience: All skill levels

Time: 11:00AM - 11:50AM

Track: Coding and Architecture

Room: 4104

Web applications often integrate with APIs for the purpose of retrieving data from a disk-based storage system like SQL Server. This poses challenges due slow queries and amount of data sent down the wire. In this presentation, we discuss the performance concerns with this type of architecture especially for big data scenarios. Oscar Garcia shows how to address those concerns by following a series of steps in which a web application is refactored with minimum changes to support an in-memory data store and data streaming. We start by discussing the challenges when using data queries. We structure the data for in in-memory storage. We replace the API requests with real-time data streaming. Learning Objectives: SQL Server Query Challenges Redis Cache Basic Operations and Structure Angular App with Socket.io integration Node.js Backend with Socket.io and Redis support Real-time data integration